We are Hiring! Volare Finance Allocation is Open for You Now

We are Hiring! Volare Finance Allocation is Open for You Now

Dear community members,

We are seeking ambassadors for our global community. If you are qualified and are keen on crypto investment especially options trading, don't hesitate to join us.

Join Volare Ambassador Team

  • What is a Volare Ambassador?

Volare Ambassadors are outstanding community members that help Volare Finance grow its business and community, attending meetings and help build the ecosystem together.

  • How can I become a Volare Ambassador?

    Ambassadors need to be passionate about blockchain, crypto, options trading, protocol, and investment.

    If you are already a DeFi Trader/Option Trader/KOL/Promoter, you will be easier to be selected as an ambassador.

    If you are not one of the above roles, however, you can contribute to the community in another way, please feel free to let us know your skills.

    What should a Volare Ambassador do?

    The responsibilities of ambassadors may include below aspects:

    1. Technology & Product: Experience Volare Finance platform and give feedback that can improve the technology and products

    2. Marketing: Promote Volare Finance on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc. by drafting articles, answering community members'questions, designing posters, making memes, and other ways of marketing.

    3. Business Development: Find potential partnerships and contribute to the business.

    Welcome to suggest more.

  • What are the Privileges of a Volare Ambassador?

    $1000 allocation quota, with the IEO price or 80% price of IDO.

    $BUSD and other tokens in the future.

  • When can I apply for Volare Ambassador Plan?

    From now on until June 30th, 2022

  • How to apply?

    Fill in the form now. : )

About Volare Finance

Volare is a leading provider of option trading, who provides a transparent, trustworthy, and convenient decentralized mechanism without intermediaries on option trading which can imitate the serviceability of centralized exchanges.

Volare's DeFi protocol creates a perfect solution for trading options in crypto. It provides a DeFi option protocol for European options, option combos and exotic options. It also allows investors to invest in standard or customized option strategies portfolios, and provides clients tools for hedging, speculation and yield enhancement based on its infrastructure.

Contact us at Telegram/Twitter.