Volare Star View #5 New Hope in the Financial Markets

Volare Star View #5 New Hope in the Financial Markets

In today's Star View, we will share about heated topics like Price movements, Derivative volumes in summer, ETP which offers a low expense ratio, New landmark legislation on cryptocurrency markets in Europe, etc. Have a quick check at the ever-changing financial market now.

Star View UBS: Price movements

As in tradfi, such dynamics take time to play out as balance sheets and hedges get unwound and claims are filed, reinforcing a negative feedback loop. Much vaunted on- chain transparency can be a negative in such instances, as liquidation levels are easier to target. True, these strikes are some distance from spot, but they reinforce downside risks and create a disincentive to deploy fresh capital — the short lived increase in new entities suggests as much.

StarView: Derivative volumes in summer

This development suggests a calculated effort to de-risk their positions and not a desperate futures market sell-off. Historical records prove that the volume of traded assets is always low during summer.

StarView: Problems at large companies

According to a Twitter thread by Soldman Gachs, who is a creditor to 3AC, the first meeting of the creditors of the cryptocurrency hedge fund is expected to take place July 18. The agenda for the meeting, which will be discussed later, is not quite certain as of yet.

Nevertheless, according to one source 3AC's court-appointed liquidator, Teneo, has the potential to establish a creditor board that will represent 3AC's creditors.

The failure of the crypto hedge fund caused instability in a number of other cryptocurrency firms, including those with whom 3AC had tight financial links.

StarView 21Shares: Launched an ETP which offers a low expense ratio

“Given the current market environment, many investors are looking to ‘buy-the-dip’ and generate the maximum potential long-term return,” said Arthur Krause, director of ETP product at 21Shares.

“Our Crypto Winter Suite will provide ways for investors to dip their toes in the water at some of the lowest costs on the market.”

“While we're experiencing a tougher market today, interest in the long-game of cryptocurrency has not wavered,” said Hany Rashwan, CEO and co-founder of 21Shares. “We've seen investor demand for low-cost exposure to this asset class — and the 21Shares Bitcoin Core ETP — the first product in our new suite — does just that, at the most competitive pricing in Europe.”

StarView Stefan Berger: New landmark legislation on cryptocurrency markets in Europe

Today, we put order in the Wild West of crypto assets and set clear rules for a harmonized market that will provide legal certainty for crypto asset issuers, guarantee equal rights for service providers and ensure high standards for consumers and investors.

StarView Reuters: Japan and China
pared back holdings of U.S. Treasuries in May to multi-year lows

Japan and China were selling which is real a continuation of recent trends.

We got another month of selling from Japan, but if you look at the pace, there was certainly a deceleration. Nothing like we saw in March at the end of Japan's fiscal year. It's another month of selling by foreign investors. But it seems like the selling is starting to slow because in May, the move higher in interest rates faded a little bit.

StarView Goldman Sachs: Traders Rescue Results From Investment-Banking Slump

Given the challenging operating environment, we are closely re-examining all of our forward spending and investment plans to ensure the best use of our resources.

As a result, we're taking a number of actions to improve our operating efficiency. Specifically, we have made the decision to slow hiring velocity and reduce certain professional fees going forward.

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