Volare Finance Weekly Overview #11

Volare Finance Weekly Overview #11

Here is the 11th Volare Finance Weekly Overview. In this review, you will find out about the cryptocurrency market cycles, why many people discuss Celsius Network, how many Crypto ETPs are there, and much more. We wish you an enjoyable reading, we hope you will learn something new for yourself. Enjoy now.

About Volare Finance

Volare is a leading provider of option trading, who provides a transparent, trustworthy, and convenient decentralized mechanism without intermediaries on option trading which can imitate the serviceability of centralized exchanges.

Volare's DeFi protocol creates a perfect solution for trading options in crypto. It provides a DeFi option protocol for European options, option combos and exotic options. It also allows investors to invest in standard or customized option strategies portfolios, and provides clients tools for hedging, speculation and yield enhancement based on its infrastructure.

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